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About Us

Remtechas began its operations in 2016. It’s a modern company which provides metal and steel maintenance services and is built upon the knowledge of a professional and qualified team of experts who have more than 10 years of experience in this field. The company’s main activity is welding, otherwise difficult to weld and repair items made from different types of metals by using modern techniques, newest welding technologies and special equipment. Company Remtechas stands out from the rest due to the ability of its employees to perform high-level and complexity repair works which are considered as too complicated by other companies.

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Certificates and competencies:

  • Aluminum welding;
  • Stainless steel welding;
  • Heat-resisting steel welding;
  • Black steel welding.

We also offer non-ferrous metals welding services.

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Specialization of our services:

  • Tank trucks, petrol tank vehicles, forestry and agriculture equipment.
  • Restoration of metal surfaces by using high heat or through cold welding process (metallization).
  • Zinc-coated nonstandard metal items made from black or stainless metal (e.g. metal interior or exterior armrests, black steel handrails (zinc-coated or painted), doors with glass, etc.).

We use welding materials produced by foremost manufacturers and choose them based on if turning, milling or making threads is necessary after the welding process is finished. We think that well-chosen materials are a key to success. If it is difficult to bring the equipment to us, we can always come to you by prior arrangement. For this reason we have all the necessary tools and welding equipment from top manufacturers, such as Fronius and Kempi, which makes it possible to work in the events of sudden voltage drops (very common in rural areas).

We guarantee a high quality work and longevity of repaired items. Our warranty provides coverage ranging from 3 months to up to a year, if products were used under the proper conditions.

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Reasons to choose us:

  • We always take into account the needs and requests of our clients;
  • We provide the best quality services and make sure each job is done thoroughly, responsibly and is of high-quality;
  • We constantly look for new ideas and technological solutions in order to achieve better results;
  • The company has well-qualified employees, professional equipment and all the necessary certificates;
  • Our motto – “Extra help for your metal“ – means we do our best to solve the problems and provide qualified support to our clients as fast as we can;
  • We see our clients as being worthy of only the best-quality services!

If you are unable to come to us yourself, you can send broken parts or products via “Siuntos Autobusais“ terminal or via courier service providers from Lithuania or Europe.