• Installation and repair of piping suitable for food industry;
  • Installation and repair of piping used for petroleum products.

Restoration of metal surfaces

Metallization-restoration of metal surfaces through cold welding process is a new technology which expands repair possibilities – allows fixing and restoring parts with previously unfixable damages. The adhesion of the restored layer is up to 80MPa and the layer‘s strength (stretch) – up to 200MPa.

We use cold welding technique for:

  • Bearing and seal restoration (for all the moving surfaces – agriculture and forestry equipment, pumps, air-pumps);
  • Metal-fusing (semiaxis);
  • Sliding bearing (shell) restoration;
  • Repair for all types of scratches on hydraulic cylinders‘ surfaces;
  • Restoration of vacuum shape surfaces;
  • Restoration of metal parts‘ shape;
  • Layer extensions, filling dents, fixing slivers, scorched spots or other defects for products made from aluminum or its alloys;
  • Other works –we provide a wide range of services – too many to fit them all to this list.